this one is for the U.S people \o/

Hi there, im allways watching who's on my blog right now, and im seeing some people from U.S.A, normally i would expect people from Brazil, cuz this blog is 100% on portuguese, despite some things, i would ask u a few things: 1- Comment, if u comment, in portuguese, in english, in japanese, in Hylian, anything, i will know if my blog is doing well, if its great, good, if it sucks....
2- Share the blog for u friends, to ur dog, to ur teachers, to ur lawyers, to ur cat, to ur goldeen, ur Pikachu, ur Mewtwo, ur Teddiursa, ur Cubchoo... everything, even if u need use the Google Translator, do it, i wanna have a great and famous blog, with everyday posts, with this u will help me to be a star on the internet, and some other minor things. Thanks for ur attention.

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